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Sexy Free and Deadly
I've just realized that I haven't done any SFS fanarts kkkk Plus I seem to be dropped out of the fandom somehow these days...

A!NY!WAY! I'm now back with a really big piece (it took me more than 6 hours !) so ENJOY ~~~

He's rotten, not eating himself ! He's a beautiful zombie kkkkkk



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oh my gawd, he'z so biyoutifoul >< and sekxy *.* you're so talented! *thumbs up*

Wow, this is pretty awesome!

omg, this is gorgeous *_* I swear you make some of the best Teuk/Kangteuk fanarts ever ♥♥♥ you're totally right, even when he's rotten, he's beautiful haha. thanks for sharing, hope we can see more! :)

thank you for your kind words :">

As you can see, I'm doing commission now. Can you help me spread the word ? to your friends or fellow fans... Sorry for the inconvenience and thanh you very much !

wow!! this is nice! no! scratch that.... it's beautiful and enchanting~

(Deleted comment)
oh man i love the colouring and pose! it looks so great. just wondering, what medium did you use? i'm a total art noob and can't tell .__.

This is like so awesome! So super sexy OwO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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