Sinking into your beautiful dimpled smile ~ ★

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Kangteuk is BACK !!!!!!!!!
I'm really happy now ;;r;; My heart screams like crazy since I saw this gif ~~~

So I can't help but drawing this ;;r;;

^ Ming was like "I'm still here did you forget me ??? ;A; " =]]]]]]]]]]

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This is so pretty, and so funny at the bottom ^_^ Great job!

Aaaa, Umma Appa and baby Ming...
So lovely...

It's really beautiful~~
when I see that gif I was like o_O
that moment is really..*sob

Kangteuk is back!!!
draw more kangteuk please~~

thank you for loving it xD I'll try haha

asdfgjkljlll I saw this on twitter earlier ♥ really love it!

yes I saw you kkk thank you X>

OMG this is so cute I want

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