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Kangteuk ah~
I really really really really miss them ;; Uri Appa Umma ;;

1. I was inspired by ( more like being jelly of) Khuntoria's cp dance kkkkkkkk It'd be nice if our boys get to do tha too *dreaming*

2. Doodle in textbook during class kkkkk

3. Seeing Hello Baby really makes me feel worst >_< If only appa's there......

Comment please ? xD

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woaaaa these are awesome D:
the third drawing makes me 'awwww'-ing xDDD.

can i ask how did you put the color? i mean was it manually or using photoshop? it seems so smooth :D

these are all traditional arts 8D I only adjusted a bit w PS xDD

awwwwwwwwwwww the last one! I LOVE it! How cuuuuuuute<3<3 It's a perfect picture of happiness...ahhhh I miss them together so much. Really great work ;D

I miss them too ;; that's why fanworks is much needed kkkk and, I still follow art pupil 8D

Aw, I love your drawing style! It's totally beautiful and awesome! :D Teukie's fingers in the second one!!

Lol, the second one looks like a scene from a shoujo manga! 8D

The last one made my lip wibble. ;~~~~; I daresay that it is prection!


(Krying tears of jealousy right now.)

retro shoujo manga to be exact xD thank you ~

i love the watercolours in these. and kangteuk. i do miss them so. the first piece gave me all sorts of feelings, especially. ♥

omg the last picture skjhfdljshldjfghlsjhfdlgjshldfjhglsjdhljhsldjh

perfection ♥

these are so wonderful! you're so talented !!
thank you for sharing these!
i love the first fanart, i'm a sucker for cute guys in white clothes haha

xD and Teuk sure has a thing w white rite ? kkk

omg socool!! the first one by far was my fave amazing!
oh and have you been watching hello baby with leetuek? where do you want them (with eng subs)? do you know?

yesm I searched for engsub on YT :3

these are so good, my "doodles" look nothing like the one in the middle, haha. <3

these are just so beautiful ;_; aww, i like the first one because it's just.. ♥

and of course the third, it's so adorable. :3

i LOVED all the pics but third the most~
it seems like.. home~
nice skills, thank you for sharing~ <3

a home w appa and umma ~~~
thanks for your support xD

Why is KangTeuk so precious?!
I can't decide which is my fave - they all are, this is nostalgic and your skills are awesome indeed.. ^^;
BTW - what did you use for coloring? *curious*

the are precious cause they are parents of suju at least to me they match adn are precious as a suju parents as also other members are theirs precious kids ^-^ thats what i think

ohh and 1 and last one are like awwww and i love them u have such a skill
u draw and write too ur multitalented lol

I used Winsor&Newton water colors ^^

I have mad respect for your amazing watercolor skills. For realz XDD

I love love love the last one, ish so beautiful T.T

I love that one too kkk tks ~

EEK! SO cute ;____; makes me miss kangteuk so much. I personally love the first and third ones. Teuk looks so kind yet sexy!

And is it just me or the baby looks more like Appa? :>

is he ? xD but I DO think of appa when I drew him LOL

Uwah, so wonderful~ I love the first one and especially the third one. Well done! ^.^

I KNOW RIGHT ;A; HELLO BABY *smashes screen*

omg so beautiful XD can I use this for twitter avatar or background? >///< these are just too precious!

yes please xD if it's ok send me the link where you use it too ~~~

on my twitter (@vivinssi) teehee♥ I haven't decided yet to use it as avatar or bg picture >///< *troubled* maybe background, but we'll see!
should I credit you by this lj account? or anything else?

uhm.... credit me by me twitter @kyoteuk please xD

I keep getting depressed over this pairing because they're my SuJu!OTP and one of my overall OTPs and with Kangin in the army and then Teuk leaving next year, there won't be any Kangteuk for a loooooong while. ):

Re: i miss kangteuk

It's been bothering me since the day appa is gone ;;;;

OHMY ;-----; WHAT IS YOU ? LOL thıs ones are soo precıous and perfect!! esp 2nd one then ı cant fınd corect words :'c so lovely<3<33
ı whs u can colored 2nd one too :'D
aww ı get teary 2 of my bias mohhh<3

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